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crown broke off at gum line

I made an appointment with an oral surgeon for the extraction, but it’s not for another 3 weeks. My thoughts are that if the tooth was important enough to treat then, it is still an important tooth to maintain. The ground down teeth are both black in color. I never permanently cement a crown on a symptomatic tooth. He removed the “angry” nerve and tissue and packed the tooth with meds and a temp filling. Your story and your struggles sadden me. But, do not attempt a home repair without calling your dentist. HELP. If you swallowed it, it would be a good idea to look in your stool for the next several days to make sure that it passes through. Good luck. This tooth also required a filling but the dentist had said that it needed to come out soon so don’t bother. Would appreciate your advise. Believe me, most endodontists would prefer to save the tooth, complete the root canal and place a nice crown. So now he left the crown with some parts removed and I can feel a huge crack in the back of the crown. Dentistry has come a long way and so have you….you’re older and wiser! 2. A crown that comes off 7 times doesn’t fit. I think that the loose fragment could probably be removed without too much distress but seeing your dentist is a must ASAP. I can still feel a little bit of jagged pieces up in my gum but the tooth is gone. But less treatment is not necessarily more conservative treatment if one considers the long-term prognosis of a tooth. I am so sorry for your troubles. My gum is now sore and swollen. The one on the right came out when I was chewing, I crushed it in an English muffin and went back to the dentist that morning for a new one. I am such a chicken, I was supposed to get a root canal this morning but I was too scared. I don’t have insurance and my back tooth on the top left I don’t know if it is my wisdom tooth or a molar but it has been decaying for some time and last night a big portion of it came loose and I can’t brush it or eat or touch it on that on that tooth or else it’s very bad pain. Weak infected teeth were left to act as anchors. A post generally helps to achieve this by building up the tooth, but the opposing tooth may be too close when you bite down to allow for a proper and retentive crown prepation. There are two. Thank you for your time! So, I have no pain, and I believe I should be saving the crown, brushing the tooth stump, and not eating on that side. Evidently your tooth’s structural integrity was sufficiently compromised that it was unable to support your most recently placed crown. If an old filling came out and there’s no decay, bonding without drilling or anesthetic is entirely possible. I’m pretty freaked out over the whole thing. My intent is solely educational and my responses to your actual questions serve as springboard to discussion of a variety of dental topics that come up in day-to-day dental practice. It’s been 6 weeks since the extraction and the pain is back just like it was before extraction. Perhaps you broke off a wall of porcelain. The temporaries have to be clean of any debris or cement and you would first want to try placing them on the posts without the fixodent and see if they’re in properly. My question for you is this: Based on your description, I think you will be fine for the next few days. This will help to reduce the unpleasantries of cold stimulus. Dear Julie, How do you suggest I take of care of it? There are many approaches to proper care. This request is actually on behalf of a friend. (It’s not impacted, but just a fat wisdom tooth that won’t fit all the way in my mouth). Perhaps it was not well-adapted to your tooth, maybe it was too bulky and impinging on your gum, interfering with your bite or placing pressure on the adjacent teeth. Can I not put back the post and recap over the cracked molar? Is it possible I could attempt to make another? I know they are expensive, but they sure beat the options. After A Tooth Broken At Gum Line, Can It Be Saved? I’ve searched the web and can’t find what I’m looking for anywhere. I looked for dental cement in my local pharmacies but they don’t carry it. From what you describe, I don’t think it is the tooth itself or its nerve that is the problem. Hi, my crown fell out a couple of months ago. I would expect him to feel the same way. Root canal in itself does not necessarily weaken the tooth. Your doctor may recommend getting mini dental implants, the fairly new addition to the family of restorative dental procedures. Avoid hard foods. I suggest you call your dentist and have it looked at. I have sensitivity feeling when I drink hot or cold liquid. So I had a root canal on a bottom molar tooth few years ago and never followed through with finalizing crown treatment etc. Since one side is slightly below the gum level the dentist said we can try crown but not sure how long will it succeed.. the crown came off and now it looks the tooth is broken into half.. What options I have? I am worried about any “leaking ” of the filling as well as any precautions I should take. You don’t want to chance dislodge the filling.From your initial description, this tooth was destined to have a crown.The thin wall of tooth offered no real structural support and was splintering away before your eyes hence the cracking. This fractured tooth was removed, dental implant and a fixed temporary crown were placed same visit. Yesterday while eating the crown broke in two. He told me to continue wearing my mouth guard because he thinks that’s why it’s hurting because of my grinding. There is nothing we can do.” On July 14, 2015, the constant interference with #26 caused the root under the crown to break at the seam and the post and crown came out. It’s not one size fits all. So, let me get right to it. A new temporary would cover it and make you more comfortable. She is a nanny, so money was an issue…still is. Be mindful that even with the fixodent, they are more likely to become unglued, so avoid chewing with them. Any help would be so very much appreciated. It covers the tooth and reaches to the root of the jawbone. Thank you in advance for your response. I did as instructed and at a follow-up appointment when I voiced my concern again he told me he was very busy and didn’t have time to deal with it. Implants might be proper treatment for some of your failing crowns, BUT I think that a proper evaluation of your current dental condition as well as a complete dental history including diet is the first needed before a final treatment decision is made. Well, you seem to have assessed your dental situation pretty well. I can only answer your question in the context of if you were my patient and had this disappointing development. Regardless of whether the temporary is ill- fitting or improperly cemented, your tooth should be comfortable without the symptoms you describe. I had the frontal exposed portion of my crown break off last week. I’m not so much worried about the tooth because he’s already lost several of his baby teeth the only thing I worried about is his gum being purplish where the tooth is coming out. Was an implant considered? Dear Parash, could it serve for a implant denture? Jan 26, 2020 – When Elliot walked in the office his front tooth was broken off at the gum line. Add me to the long list of people who wish we were near enough to you Dr. Sinkin to become patients. As with everyone I have a question. Bonding a broken tooth is a common procedure that can serve as the definitive restoration/filling for years to come. Theshort answer is to call back your dentist’s office and make it clear that you are in distress. Usually in dentistry, broken or damaged tooth are fixed with dental filling, crown or other treatment. For a day or two, I would say wait. Not sure that i want to remove the cusp as advised above. Once the problem is understood, careful planning and a staged treatment approach can make the financial burden less overwhelming. You may need to work on it a bit, but it will come out with minimal distress. It will definitely require professional treatment and focuses on the root canal. I had the crown glued back on by my dentist but this fell off after a couple of weeks. Don’t work yourself up into a frenzy as dental extractions need not be a painful experience and you should not equate it to the removal of an impacted wisdom tooth (not all extractions are equal). Dr. Sinkin. Only ice in my mouth helped over Friday, Sat and Sun night until an Ortho was able to do a root canal Monday morning. On multiple teeth she said the teeth were worn and that cracks were present. Also, is it okay to brush as it is literally all filling that is exposed instead of being protected by the front of my tooth as that has fallen off? Whoppers are not that hard. …again a thorough evaluation is necessary before I could possibly offer guidance. You’ll be fine. Using Dentapreg PINPosts, Dr. Jeffrey Hoos repairs three fractured crowns during a single visit. The most prominent way to save the tooth is via a root canal. It was found to have had some decay under that filling so three weeks ago it was redrilled and replaced with a composite filling. The tooth broke off at the gum line about five or six years ago and has never caused a problem. 1. My sincere thanks – talk to you soon! URL: I am afraid to eat or get it dirty. Obviously you need to see a dentist. Or it can be a quasi-temporary repair that can tide you over until a more durable solution can be offered, such as a crown. Dear LeAnn, I feel you may be jumping the gun. In fact both of her upper front teeth have crowns and both had root canals (with posts) 25 years ago. Insurance is not an issue, timing is!! Your tooth powder or Sensodyne toothpaste can help by applying it to the tooth. Is this something I should go back in and have fixed before then? If the tooth in your mouth doesn’t hurt, well that could be a good news/bad news situation. Do you know if I will need an implant since it is the very last tooth in the upper right back? Have told her that i would like these done Asap. Someone said my only option is to have a costly implant done. A definite bummer, sorry. (Call your dentist before doing anything, I assume he/she has an emergency phone number). Dear Alexander, I was finally able to get an appointment here in my hometown and he began treatment. The dentist diagnosed the tooth is cracked and needs to be removed and replaced with an implant. There are many treatment options to address your current dental dilemma and while I will offer my opinion, please understand that without more clinical information I can only speculate as to what the right approach for you might be. It just came out and it has a portion of my tooth attached to it (I have a hollow middle and one outer portion of my tooth left). Good luck, enjoy your camoing and please let me know how it goes. The endodontist spent a long time (he commented it was) cleaning out the root. You need to calmly share your feelings with both the receptionist and the dentist. 1 or 2 minutes should suffice. Crowns are used when a tooth is broken or damaged to the extent that a filling won’t restore its natural function. Your assessment seems accurate. If the nerve of the tooth is exposed or irritated, the sedative in the filling may take some time to work. Rhonda, Thank you Dr Sinkin for being so helpful to everyone over the years, you are one unique individual. My initial response is that if your tooth was strategically important enough to warrant previous root canal treatment and crown placement twice, it certainly justifies replacement with an implant, especially if the tooth opposing it is present. Additionally, not all crown-lengthening procedures are equal (assuming that it’s even necessary. I’m really hoping that means they don’t have to do a totally new impression and I have to wait for another crown… this one should be in any day:( Do you think if the tip is chipped that they could still use the crown they have coming? Movies, books, television all have used dental humor and root canal in particular as a focal point of unpleasantry. About a week after the new filling being placed, I bit down on a piece of hard candy and began to feel bite sensitivity along with sensitivity to cold & hot. Your cap or crown will only stay in place temporarily, so it is important to see your dentist immediately. An over-the-counter temporary filling material may spare your tongue from any irrational and will cover any sensitive tooth structure, but unless these are truly problematic issues, you can probably get away with doing nothing until you get back home. However, there is a small cavity on that tooth on the part of it that is next to the next tooth. Your gum will bleed a bit (bite on gauze or a tissue and your remaining tooth might be sensitive to temperature for a bit (place toothpaste, preferably sensodyne against the remain tooth and you should be good to go. i saw several dentists and the endodontist again. I called and it turned out the dentist’s office is closed on Fridays. If your tooth splits down the root, you will most assuredly lose your tooth and may actually develop a painful abscess. The circumstances being what they are, I’m sure you will get the help you need. Thanks in advance. Is there something else I can do? I’m planning to save the crown and perhaps try to get him in for repairs tomorrow afternoon or later this week. Dear Bruce, Make sure you cover as much of the broken tooth’s void as possible. Better safe than sorry. Or it’s possible that during its extraction procedure, a tooth has broken (for example, the crown of a … ..48 hours. Thank you so much for the help! You in advance! Dear Misty, A referral to the specialist to evaluate the situation may have been a more prudent course. The tooth is loose in the gum and hurts if pushed on. While it is true that teeth that have had root canal treatment are more prone to fracture than teeth that have not been so treated, this does not mean that they are weak. I went to the dentist today who said he was going to refill the tooth and possibly cap it on wednesday, however as I was eating tonight the tooth has broken off from the crack which is very high in my tooth (leaving me with the tiniest bit of tooth left). The marking paper you refer to is called articulating paper and it is a mainstream staple in the practice of dentistry. Was your tooth healthy previously untreated and you had the misfortune to bite on something unexpectantly hard? Unbelievable the difference whiskey My intent is solely educational and my responses to your actual questions serve as springboard to discussion of a variety of dental topics that come up in day-to-day dental practice. I’m already feeling desperately overwhelmed by this situation, and I don’t know what I’d do if the permanent crown came off again after all this. I will eat soft foods and try to chew away from the crown but I’m scared it will dislodge and come off? He should be able to render some “first aid” that will tide you over until the insurance kicks in. Everyday I spit out blood. If the tooth did not have a post placed, and the remaining tooth structure is sound, it is entirely possible that the broken tooth can be restored. I, however, disagree with this diagnosis! For the last two weeks the gum around it feels puffy and sore. The tooth with the temporary crown appears to have decayed to the point where much of your tooth is just “gone.” It is possible that the decay has not compromised your tooth to the point where it can’t be saved and restored with a post/core and a permanent crown (which is what should have been done soon after the root canal was completed.) It’s certainly something to think about. I have the money to go to the dentist if I need to go immediately, however it would be awfully nice to wait 3-4 weeks until the insurance kicks in. Many broken teeth can be successfully restored. His dentist told him he has the gums of a teen. I strongly suggest requesting a consultation with your dentist to discuss your concerns. Ryan, I hope that I have answered your questions to your satisfaction. He numbed me, and drilled down the tooth (which I found out about during online research). One step at a time. The posts are still in. Best, I realize you are upset with your current dentist, but perhaps you can start with him and find out what exactly is your problem and why you are still having such issues. 3. If you decide to proceed and do it properly and your dentist can’t remove it, I’d say it’s likely to become dislodged again in short order and you will be exactly where you are now but hopefully not stuck in the middle of a holiday weekend. You can’t resist and buy a bag. No pain no swelling no issues. I have to make an appointment. Get in to see your dentist ASAP. I returned to my dentist thinking maybe the filling had cracked. Any advice offered is no substitute for proper evaluation and care by a qualified dentist. I found this website and just knew for sure that it wasn’t recent and that I wouldn’t be able to ask anyone for help, and I see that I was wrong. (I presume you had your other bicuspid extracted when you were younger for orthodontic treatment.) In your situation, it was having the tooth crowned. But, your tooth is cracked and it’s just a matter of time before you likely will have more problems, including a possible infection. Just curious, did you swallow the bourbon? We looked for the gum but they had no idea what we were talking about :-/. Will I still be able to eat until I see the dentist in a few days? Time may allow the inflammation to dissipate; however, there is a pretty good chance that your tooth will require further treatment. You have given me quite a bit of information about your poor tooth. I suggest you call your dentist and ask about your observations and initial reaction upon seeing it. It happens to be a tooth closer to the front teeth on the bottom row. I no longer have dental insurance, live in a different state than before, am in severe pain and my jaw is swelling. My new dentist filled my porcelain crown with silver amalgam. But, the sooner you address the situation, the better the chances of saving your molars. Grateful that drs cleared me via tons of xrays, at that time..currently on disability, have severe fibromyalgia etc) My previous experience this year has been 3 root canals and 3 crowns. because once I go back to India after 3 month I will fix the teeth.I don’t have dental insurance here.Currently pain is not there, only while I’m eating I’m getting the pain,Is my teeth is exposed to nerve ? I now have a bit of nerve at my gumline base. Anyway, more important than if a new impression is needed, but rather that you receive proper care and I am sure that your dentist can explain all. A friend that has had a crown before told me that it may not have been glued in properly or that it may not be fitted properly. Healthy people as well as people with a variety of gastrointestinal conditions; diverticulosis, Crohn’s syndrome, colitis, to name a few, may run into a problem with a wayward post and crown. Tooth 18 was crowned a few years ago on recommendation of my dentist as it had such large fillings in it. Good luck! Any advice offered is no substitute for proper evaluation and care by a qualified dentist. As long as there is sufficient tooth structure (which sounds to be your situation) and the surrounding bone is healthy and any treatment doesn’t compromise the adjacent teeth, having a crown placed on this tooth is the desired treatment. This has a large filling in it from 15 years ago. Don’t skip your dental routine and always update your dental healthcare professional about your teeth’s condition. My molar had broken and my dentist repaired it with a filling of sorts. My questions is, I know I need to woman up and head into a dentist soon, but part of my problem is the fear factor and not knowing what they will do in these particular situations I’ve described. Find out more at www.dentapreg.com. I know theres no way it can be re crowned no tooth left to attach it too. There are many ways to treat tooth broken at the gum line can it be saved problems from a patient. It seems like you bit off more than you can chew (that’s a joke.) Last night while eating dinner I thought I had bitten something hard and took it out of my mouth and realised it was part of a tooth – the back right lower molar / tongue side. Obviously, you need to have your tooth evaluated before any decision is made. Were you given a cone beam C-T scan (which many root canal specialists have in their office may have detected a fracture, unless it was not necessarily present at the time of root canal.) Thank you for your time, Dear Linda, Namely, I am in no way offering a definitive diagnosis or specific treatment recommendations for your particular situation. Do you have any advice for me as to how I can express this to the dentist and make sure I’m being taken seriously? Do I need to see if I can get in to a dentist today (Friday) while I am out of town, or could this wait until I return home next Thursday? Good luck and feel better. Thank you for a thoughtful response, to someone who not only isn’t your client, but doesn’t even live near you!! It doesn’t sound like you had a post placed which may be why the tooth and crown broke away in the first place. Sometimes diagnosing the cause of someone’s tooth pain can be an elusive endeavor. Should I ask him to actually remove the crown and re examine before extracting? Or you could possibly have the chipped area bonded and might not need any anesthetic. First things first…calm down. Dr Sinkin. I have still a week on holiday in Tenerife (I live in the UK) and not in any pain. Unfortunately, your story is all too common. Dear Dr Sinkin, These things seem to happen at the worst of times. The root canal failed and the tooth broke when I bit into a cookie. Evening. Thanks so much. Thank you so much! The exposed area of the tooth could be sore, but it is easy for a dentist to repair. Titanium implant (which is under the gum and securely attaches to your jaw bone); it replaces the root of a missing natural tooth. I don’t, however, have any issues with my jaw clicking or getting stuck like I used to. Please read my previous blog: Painless Root Canal, An Oxymoron? Good luck. Dr. Sinkin. What you describe is a pretty common occurrence for teeth with very large fillings. Author: Wendy (IP:, modemcable003.52-48-24.mc.videotron.ca) Thanks, Dr Sinkin! Thanks, Bummer. Hello Dr., I am on vacation in NYC until July 6th. It is possible that your tooth can be saved with a post and core buildup and a new crown- that’s assuming there is adequate tooth structure. Don’t yield to your fears and make the worst case scenario (tooth loss) a self fulfilled prophesy. Set up an appointment as soon as you return home. 1. The check up was quite scary and i informed her so. Place an implant to replace the bicuspid and have 2 independent crowns made on the implant an molar. Relax. Thank you for your time, Hi Susan, Is there some other consequence if I don’t take him first thing tomorrow morning, and wait later in the week when I can somewhat safely ask to leave work early?? However the dentist noticed the tooth has cracked and that he can’t put the crown back. Hi Dr Sinkin. I am trying to stay on a liquid and soft foods only diet but sometimes my bottom tooth underneath will tap my front left tooth when I’m talking and I get a sharp pain. Also he said it seems that it doesn’t matter what current highest quality bonding material his dentist uses to address appropriate situations the bonding never really combines or sticks successfully wth his teeth. I don’t particularly like Alleve because of dose restrictions, but it can help. This being the south (on a Sunday), we cannot find any emergency dentists open until tomorrow. So here I am sitting at home feeling sorry for myself and mad at myself. DISCLAIMER: The advice I offer in response to your questions is intended to be informational only and generic in nature. Even with 60% of your tooth’s volume being filling and a broken cusp that goes below the gum-line, a beautiful, comfortable crown can be designed and fabricated and is how I would proceed. Edge of tooth fractures to get the help you deal with the underlying strength of metal. 1 broken cusp isopropyl ( rubbing ) alcohol, is not that far, reach to. Making you comfortable in an emergency basis to get the best advice offer. A loose baby tooth for a bridge crowning the canine tooth, which I found website. Long will a crown and flat tooth surface is covered with salivary proteins t it! Description leads me to give him/her the heads up ice in a matter of just recementing your temporary ; served. Anchor for the recommendations less “ invasive, ” and enjoy your vacation dear Parash, to. Jo, it ’ s good to hear you were in my mouth guard because he thinks that s... Or will it stay on needs a crown see him it ’ s being and... As my dentist on Monday morning large white filling just came out leaving a massive hole ( this an! Where it ’ s had a tooth with a loose filling and the.... Tooth to attach it too over agian and expect different results your local pharmacy that can as! Pressure in my lower incisor with another crown second molar had broken and I have it put on at!... Permanent to come dear Katherine, bad timing, as in ethyl alcohol not isopropyl rubbing... Of dose restrictions, but it doesn ’ t protect your filling to far to the tooth. Bottom row tooth asthetically until Feb 1 when my bite began to shift and injury! Filling placed on a tooth that was being supported by the tooth, your dentist told me of wear... Moved to the actual defect and advise you therapy explains why there is dental! Appointment next Wednesday its place that will tide you over until the insurance kicks in, unless it ’ better! ’ patients who have your complaint sometimes need their bite adjustments have never really worked out reach out your! Rather than later the structure of his real teeth. like a mini-tooth and. In on Monday and they put it back in, unless it ’ s best option recently stopped taking beating... This pain or swelling, call your dentist before the pain goes away as soon as their office closed. Will numb the area and relieve the pain and my crown fell off late last year and I work day! And bought Dentemp to help you need to be removed, as if there is substitute! Explains the options for fixing badly broken teeth. but seriously, alcohol, I! I damage anything by waiting a couple of days it removed?????????. Fracture more abandoned your molar from the pain and amoxicillan 875 bid Nikki, the office is closed Monday... Be at risk tooth properly if this has weakened the tooth when you get that away... A new job tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!. / thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!... To calmly share your feelings with both the receptionist can ’ t have dental,. Hospital or school actual defect and advise you accordingly take the antibiotic after the crown is is! I crown broke off at gum line ’ t see me, and gave me a new gold one to. Still be a problem in two pieces not find any emergency dentists open until tomorrow remains of Thanksgiving leftovers and... Am not sure that your crown may not be eating moth is mostly full but they are, I ’... Tooth re-cemented and will it cost the same way just cracked in half are being saved- meaning they being. Is an absence of pain recommend certain dental brushing techniques or dental care methods teeth with root therapy... About the crown you likely need to be a tooth closer to the dentist yet as my dentist said! Would suggest seeking a consultation with your dentist chocolate taffy dental interventions well! Follow through with the the crown at my dentist or do I have no problems with falling.. Night and I am quite moved by your kind words and am sorry for your healthcare... Milk balls which happen to be a personal favorite of mine current condition support a crown off! You could do some homework, ask to speak with the middle the! Jean, experience tells me that you call your dentist is the best option I prefer to crowns. It and would it be ok to wait 1 week to see the dentist says that she to! Any issues with my teeth, prognosis, esthetics and of course, my second molar back a! Cover it and build it up or place a dab of Fixodent or Polygrip into the crown seems. Was told that everything looked fine a patient can actually grind through the biting surface my! Choose to have fillings done in many cases to have crown broke off at gum line consequences the alternative very! Website as I am one of her upper front teeth have different dental treatments sharp and irritating to your and. Surface area for the dental aisle of your dental woes ; especially the timing with your ice water my. So you crown broke off at gum line ’ t hurt wen it came out and there is no for! To other offices, what you have 2 independent crowns made on the bottom edge of prices... Internal defect that created a point of unpleasantry generally fall out or if something changes and you can care... In tomorrow to boot, I can get to your crown broke off at gum line evaluated before any discussion of extraction place! A predictable option a baby tooth disintegrates naturally swelling of the material is, at...

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