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the lumineers iii review

Gone are the days of the Lumineers' pop-standards and monosyllabic earworms. Strangely, no song is particularly memorable between all the rough acoustic riffs and Schultz’s signature raspy vocals. It’s evident how much thought, effort, and creativity went into creating this album. As such, the album might seem inaccessible to some, schmaltzy to others. The Lumineers’ third effort is a difficult one to take in. Danny Clinch /Courtesy of the artist The Lumineers have taken their latest album, III, as an opportunity to shine a light on a topic that's close to many of the members' lives — addiction. The Lumineers – III (Album Review) September 13, 2019. Moreover, "Gloria's" tempo is reminiscent of Donna's periods of frenzy and inactivity, a commonality engendered by so many grappling with addiction. Share Tweet. Subscribe to our weekly email about what's trending at Duke. Click or Press Enter to view the items in your shopping bag or Press Tab to interact with the Shopping bag tooltip. We are moving to WordPress and a new host, but we really need your help to fund the move and further development. The Lumineers III album review The Lumineer’s third studio album titled III is not just a an album. © 1999-2020 PopMatters.com. III is a cerebral and disquieting portrait of addiction. facebook At first, "Gloria" sounds misplaced, but in actuality, the song aptly depicts the psychological contours associated with addiction. All rights reserved.PopMatters is wholly independent, women-owned and operated. Shop Vinyl and CDs and complete your The Lumineers collection. T he Lumineers’ third full-length studio album, aptly titled III, is as much of a cinematic masterpiece as it is a masterpiece of an album. From just listening to the album, some listeners might be able to mitigate the weight of the Spark's addiction. This is particularly true for lead singer Schultz and drummer Jeremiah Fraites; Schultz was childhood friends with Fraites’ brother who died as a result of his destructive alcoholism. Gloria, based on Wesley Schultz's family member, is ravished by alcoholism. His life is defined by suffering, violence, and mental illness. Released 13 September 2019 on Dualtone. The Lumineers have told their own story in "III," a 10-track concept album composed of three chapters that follows the fictitious Sparks family. As Fraite explained in an interview with NPR, “With drug addiction or alcoholism it really affects the individual and then it has a sort of fallout effect — similar to the effects of a radiation bomb — over time and over years and years, it continually tends to affect people's loved ones.”, While “III” presents an interesting and personal concept, listeners still might find the album a little gimmicky. On their third album, cleverly titled “III,” The Lumineers continue their tradition of storytelling on a much more ambitious, personal scale. This theme continued with their second album in 2016, which was partly inspired by an eccentric taxi driver, the titular “Cleopatra,” whose life story had a profound effect on the band’s lead singer Wesley Schultz. The numeric title carries a double meaning: the album is a song cycle told in three parts, with the first two available as a digital EP prior to the September 2019 release of III. Many stunning songs from their self-titled first album, which projected them into the center of the indie music scene in 2012 with the hit single “Ho Hey,” are stories at their core. With two platinum albums already under their belt, expectations are high for alternative folk outfit The Lumineers, who are touring in support of their latest studio album III. Schultz's vocal delivery is emotive, thereby creating an affinity between musician, character, and listener. 20 Virginia Tech, Michael Mutersbaugh remembered for generosity, optimism, Five observations from Duke men's basketball's first half against Virginia Tech, Duke reports 34 new positive COVID-19 tests for students, 28 for faculty and staff out of 10,287 total, Duke alum to lead Biden's COVID-19 response. The album opens with the eponymous " … It’s simple, yet complex, lyrics are very touching and clever, music is top notch, you cannot skip a song. It’s an amazing record! There are bands that can really pull off a powerfully bitter breakup song — The Lumineers, however, are definitely not one of those bands. The album concludes with the narrative of Jimmy Sparks, Gloria's son, and Junior's father. Take, for example, the song “It Wasn’t Easy to Be Happy for You,” from the album’s especially shaky second chapter. III and the accompanying music video are culturally important points of contact with the realities of addiction. I highly recommend both the album and short film III to anyone who likes The Lumineers, but especially to people who don’t really like or know much about them or their music, because this album is arguably their best yet, and this film truly enhances the experience of listening to the album. As such, the Lumineers offer a thoughtful and compassionate portrait of addiction's cycle. That said, most of the songs maintain a decidedly hollow-eyed sound, one that requires the listener to lean in and patiently wait for the songs to reach a crescendo. The narrative can be powerful at moments; however, the songs fall flat when divorced from the album’s overarching story. Whereas the lyrics don't fully capture Gloria's psychology, the video depicts the character suffering from a similar mental illness as her mother's. SHARES. “Democracy” is so in-the-vein in its execution that it’s a shame it’s only a Bonus Track, even if it is a cover. If this were released in the 70’s, it would have topped the charts for weeks. When Gloria is succumbing to her addiction, infant Jimmy is often depicted crawling through the house alone or sitting next to his mother's incapacitated body. What III does accomplish very effectively is showing us the consequences of a parent’s addictions on his or her children. In III, the Lumineers tackle addiction emphatically, from a very deeper place inside heart. Weezer's inconsistent career continues with mediocre 'Black Album', 'A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships' showcases the 1975's growth, Recess reviews: Led Zeppelin's 'BBC Sessions', Don't Tell Mother is Durham's best-kept secret, TECH-NICAL DIFFICULTIES: Duke men's basketball's comeback attempt falls short at No. Genres: Folk Pop, Folk Rock, Americana. My favorite is not Gloria, the lead single, it’s Jimmy Sparks. 10/10 The Lumineers have told their own story in “III,” a 10-track concept album composed of three chapters that follows the fictitious Sparks family. The theme of isolation is revisited in the melancholic "My Cell". III really captures that pain and struggle in a way that’s not negative, but rather empathetic and realistic at the same time. The Lumineers broke up the story telling by splitting III into three parts, the final of which will be released on Sept. 13, along with the album as a whole for the first time. Now, The Lumineers have blown that formula of catchy inoffensiveness to pieces. Do we really enjoy silence? Discover releases, reviews, credits, songs, and more about The Lumineers - III at Discogs. The Lumineers - Left For Denver (Part 6 Of 10) III is a concept album, based loosely on Schultz’s own family history. III, an Album by The Lumineers.

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