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The Black knight axe is pretty good. Does anybody know what stats will work best with the demon's greataxe, I'm thinking of using it but not sure what to respec my stats to. The Zwei does pretty good damage on a Str build. Posted by. Demon’s Greataxe or Demon’s fist. ... help Reddit App Reddit coins Reddit premium Reddit gifts. Close. Dark Souls III All Bosses Demon Greataxe speedrun - Duration: 1:48:35. Running L1 can roll catch, weapon art has Hyper armour and you can combo the WA in another WA. The Great clubs AR isn't that much lower than the Demons Greataxes and weighs about half what the greataxe weighs. They may also pick the demon fists instead of the axe simply because of their build. The Demon’s Souls remake is out on PlayStation 5 and is introducing a new generation of players back to the series’ roots. Distortion2 25,714 views. Hmm. Scorey perry. Honestly the Demon great axe isn't worth it. 31 str at +15 gives an attack rate of 654. PVE: good damage, great moveset. 6. u/iambiglucas. Shiva of the East is a character in Dark Souls. Buffed with 15 int and the oolacile catylist with great magic weapon gives 198 more ar bringing it up to 852. Zweihander or bust I say. The dragonslayer greataxe is gained from a boss soul that is mandatory to beat meaning that players cannot miss it out. I think another big issue aside from what /u/forte8910 has mentioned is that most players simply run past the demon instead of fighting it which usually means they miss the boss soul. Archived. 1:48:35. Attack from a large axe are often unblockable, but leaves players open to any incoming attacks from hostile characters. 2hand R2 will stun anything but the largest giants, and it's so much fun stunlocking ♥♥♥♥, can pretty much carry you to late game and … 1 Location 2 Plot 3 Lore 4 Strategy 5 Notes 6 Wares 7 Character information 7.1 Health and souls 7.2 Defenses 7.3 Equipment 7.4 Drops 8 Dialogue 9 Trivia 10 Gallery 11 Videos 12 Removed content 13 References In Darkroot Garden, outside of the structure Alvina sits in, on the opposite side of the bandit. This weapon is one that can be missed pretty easily, as it is an uncommon item that drops after beating the mighty Taurus Demon. Demon Greataxe is disgustingly op. So basically i’m stuck between these two weapons , my build is focused on strength idk what to to choose between them as I already have old king’s hammer and a +8 Exile Greatsword so ... what do y’all think i should get ? Had played a lot of demon fists, both in PVE and PVP. Worlds First 0 Damage All Bosses+DLC Run - Dark Souls 3 - Duration: 3:50:57. Great Axe is a Large Axe Weapon in Demon's Souls and Demon's Souls Remake. Try running L1, it deals respectable damage. Step 1, Get Demon Greataxe Step 2, Get Warmth Step 3, Use Warmth Step 4, Sit in Warmth and attack from within Step 5, When they try to get brave and constantly roll around you while getting in the Warmth use the Weapon Art but to where the Axe initially is held back in the Warmth then proceed to smash them with the Explosion. PVP: probablymy favourite fist weapon. Is the Demon's Greataxe just the flat out best thanks to it's S rank STR scaling and high damage? Should I have 40 faith/40 int and have min strength and dexerity, or should I have 40 strength, and minimum dex, int, and faith? 2 years ago. Good R1s and fun R2s. Demon Greataxe is disgustingly op. Help. 11 Demon's Greataxe. Has a massive AOE. He is voiced by Kwei Lin Hsu. User Info: dextervepps. Large Axes are heavy weapons which require the wielder to have high Strength.They are bigger than the average Axe and have more concentrated attack. Developer Bluepoint has kept the game very faithful to the original PlayStation 3 version.

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